Mar 14, 2017

Great animated cartoons

My day job is closed due to snow again. Wanna watch some cartoons?

2 TV cartoons and a short

The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow (w.Karl Geurs, d.John Gibbs, 1984, 22 min)
This is one of the better episodes from the 80's cartoon series Dungeons & Dragons. I like cartoons with a lot of comical screaming. Donny Most did a lot of that as Eric.

Battle Angel (Hiroshi Fukutomi, 1993, 55 min)
James Cameron is turning Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita into a CGI-heavy action movie (Alita:Battle Angel) due out in July 2018. This is the animated version from 1993. Press the -cc- button for the English captions. This animation got me so hooked on its dark, sci-fi story that I've since read 28 volumes of the ongoing manga.

Roof Sex (PES, 2002, 2 min)
PES is a terrific animator of found objects. He could only work on this on cloudless days to prevent interference from shadows. This short on YouTube is followed by several more PES shorts.

— These are all linked to the highest quality videos I could find, avoiding any commercials.