Nov 22, 2017

Great animated shorts

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wanna watch some cartoons?

Holiday for Drumsticks (Arthur Davis, 1949, 7 min)
Daffy Duck vs. the Thanksgiving turkey.

Thumb Fun (Robert McKinson, 1952, 7 min)
One of my favorites. Daffy and Porky go on the road when Daffy hitchhikes south for the winter.

I Was a Thanksgiving Turkey (John Schnall, 1986, 3 min)
Thanksgiving from the turkey's point of view.

Animation, Chef 8

Meanwhile, at the egg...

I'm right-handed, so holding the egg in my right hand and drawing it with the left didn't work. Instead, I held it in my left hand, drew it with the right, and reversed the drawing in the computer.

Nov 11, 2017

Animation, Chef 7

Now we're cookin'...

Quick segments of the telekinetic chef scrambling an egg.

Nov 5, 2017

Animation, Chef 6

The first of many short clips. The sound effects will be added later after it's all edited together.

Nov 4, 2017


Oct 29, 2017

Great Animated Shorts

Happy Halloween!
Wanna watch some cartoons?

Vincent (Tim Burton, 1982, 6 min)
Tim Burton's first animation ran for two weeks in one theater and was then buried in the Disney vault for years. It was dug up again after Burton started making movies. Narrated by Vincent Price.

Goodnight Norma... Goodnight Milton... (John Schnall, 1988, 6 min)
This creepy short about a bickering married couple may require a little patience, but it's worth it.

The Skeleton Dance (Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, 1929, 6 min)
Walt Disney created the Silly Symphonies series to experiment with animating to music. There were 75 of them produced between 1929 and 1939, building up to Fantasia, released in 1940.

Also, remember local Philly late-night show, Saturday Night Dead? The adverts would say, "watch Saturday Night Dead after Saturday Night Live".

Oct 27, 2017

Learning stuff

In the past couple of weeks I've completed one PhillyCAM class, Adobe Premiere Pro, and started another, Adobe After Effects.

The Premiere Pro class is an introduction to the Adobe video editing program. For the final project, we had to edit together a video that shows some understanding of what the buttons do.

We could only edit from the selection of short videos provided for us, so this might be a little copyright-y. Maybe I'll get away with it if I call it sampling.

This was my final project, Eat Your Peas:

The teacher referred to it as, 'something that would be used to brainwash bad little kids in A Clockwork Orange'.

Now I'm in for six weeks of the After Effects class. If you or anyone you know is into audio/video, PhillyCAM classes are way-affordable and the teachers there are great.