Oct 19, 2019

New animation

Here are the latest frames from Fatal Error. I've added the color to make sure the overall look is going to work when it's done. I'm liking how consistent the Rita drawings are in this. It takes a lot of subtle adjustments to keep her 'on model' throughout.

The wait spinner was created in 3-D program, Blender and imported into TVPaint, where I'm drawing the animation frame by frame. The voice is me shouting in my parents' garage to get that echo. I'll probably tweak it later in DaVinci Resolve, which is great for adjusting audio.

Oct 16, 2019

Hollywood, Philadelphia III

Yesterday, Dispatches from Elsewhere, the TV series that's been filming in Old City lately, were outside the building where I work. I was surprised to discover on my lunch break, that I now work in the Bender Elmore building. The passers-by are all extras and the logo on the wall is a big sticker.

Oct 12, 2019


Here's Rita Fletcher in animation software, TVPaint. I drew the guidelines on another layer to keep her the same size while I'm drawing her again and again and again.

I've been working on Fatal Error every morning this week, averaging 45 minutes a day. It adds up quick. I'll have a segment of video to post here soon.

Oct 9, 2019


Cartoon Network has posted the first episode of Genndy Tartakovsky's new show, Primal for free viewing over here. Dig that chunky drawing style.

Oct 6, 2019

Animation season

With the Plastic Club animation festival mere months away, it's time to get cracking and finish these off. I've just updated my PhillyCAM account, writing summaries and uploading title cards for my works in progress.

Oct 2, 2019


Sep 28, 2019

The Game Vault

On my way to Cape Cod, I drove through Morristown so I could get a look at the Morristown Game Vault. It's a retro video arcade in what used to be a bank.

They have a great selection of classic games from the 1980's and keep them in excellent condition. Q-Bert, Popeye, Spy Hunter, Donkey Kong... I would have spent an hour playing Centipede if I wasn't trying to get to Massachusetts by sundown.

My main goal was to see their Dragon's Lair. Don Bluth's interactive animation game has a unique place in animation history. As a game, it gets a lot of flack for being inflexible. Visually, I think it's terrific, especially in its natural habitat.

This is a good one, too. The Game Vault has it set up so the player can select from multiple versions of Dragon's Lair and its sequels, Time Warp and Space Ace. Here's one minute of video I took of the Dragon's Lair machine at the Morristown Game Vault, complete with cheesy transition wipes.