Jul 22, 2017

Members' Choice illustrations

The Members' Choice show is next month at The Plastic Club. I've been asked to contribute illustrations for the advertisement. Here are some miscellaneous artists submitting their choices to the show.

Jul 15, 2017

Movie Night update

My horizontal stripes design. All the way across. No breaking any spaces; just stacked stripes [click image to enlarge]. I'm already thinking next year's poster will be vertical stripes.

I posted a previous version of this last month.

Jul 13, 2017

Animation, Chef 2

A little more of the same sentence. It's a long sentence and he's a slow talker. This may take a while.

Jul 8, 2017




Jul 4, 2017

Great animated shorts

Happy 4th of July! Wanna watch some cartoons?

The Bee-Deviled Bruin (Chuck Jones, 1949, 7 min)
A family cartoon for the holiday with Poppa Bear, Momma Bear, and Baby Bear.
[there's an advert on this one]

Mutiny Ain't Nice (Dave Fleischer, 1938, 6 min)
When the Fleischer Brothers put Popeye on a ship they went all out. Check out the beautiful drawings and extreme angles in the backgrounds.

• And there's a trailer for the new season of Rick & Morty!