May 25, 2017

Spring cleaning

On Saturday, I pulled months of paintings from my space at the club and scattered them all over the floor. Every now and again you have to check what's going on.

The only fair way to judge the work is against itself. Is my new stuff better than my old stuff? At the end of the day I had two piles of paintings: the stuff worth keeping and everything else.

Delivery for the June Workshop Show is tomorrow and Saturday. I've narrowed my entry down to five pieces and I'm still deciding which three of them will be in the show.

May 13, 2017

Goings on

The PhillyCAM course I'm enrolled in, Audio Production, started last week. Now that my chairman duties are complete, my focus is returning to animation. I have some ideas mapped out, but I want to make sure I get the sound right first. In the meantime, here's more text...

• Alice Meyer-Wallace talks about Paros Island in Cyclades [video on Vimeo, 3 min]
This week, painting mentor and great friend to myself and many artists, Alice Meyer-Wallace will depart her Winter home of Philadelphia for her annual European excursions. I've joined her on four of these trips, twice to Paros Island, once to Italy, and once to Spain. This video captures what it's like to paint with Alice on Paros.

• Spruce Street Harbor Park
The Harbor Park opened for the season yesterday. I wandered through in the evening to see the hammocks. During the Summer months, I go there to practice juggling on my lunch breaks. Just waiting until it gets a little warmer out.

May 9, 2017

Piranha Club 2

I've been reading Piranha Club for years. Yet somehow I missed the initial moment when Uncle Sid started mooching dinner off of Effie Munyon.

So I wrote to Bud Grace and asked about it. All this week, he's answering my question on his blog.

If you're reading this from the future, the story starts on Buddy's Blog, May 7.

While you're there, scroll down to the Know What Really Peez Me Off?!!! post. It's a terrific rant.

Thanks Mr. Grace!

May 7, 2017

Chairman's note 6

Thank you to everyone who attended The Rabbit at the The Plastic Club last night. An estimated 60 people attended, which is a great benefit to the club.

After a cloudy morning, the skies opened up and granted us a sunny, cool evening of garden activities with food, ice cream, and Bob Bohne's outdoor concert. The party continued until 1AM.

Thank you to all the entertainers, everyone who brought food, dressed up (lots of great costumed characters), and everyone who helped out around the club, for creating such a wonderful atmosphere.

There was just the right mix of poetry, music, humor, the yearly play, and a surprise sing along. It was an absolute blast.

May 5, 2017

Great animated shorts

Took the day off from work. Wanna watch some cartoons?

3 Over-the-top cartoons

The Missing Scarf (Eoin Duffy, 2013, 7 min)
I first saw this cartoon by animator Eoin Duffy at the Ritz as part of the Oscar Nominated Short Films show two years ago. It was in the honorable mention category, but was clearly the best one. Advertisers know which are the best ones. Have you seen these new ads for Voya Financial?

Stimpy's Invention (John Krickfalusi and Bob Camp, 1992, 14 min)
Smart cartoons that appeal to grown-ups as well as kids are common today on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. That's largely due to Krickfalusi's influence. He was one of the animators leading the charge in the 80s and 90s to set a higher standard for cartoons on TV. [this one has an advert]

The Tick vs. The Tick (Ben Edlund, 1994, 21 min)
Superhero parody The Tick was initially a 12-issue comic book series written and drawn by Ben Edlund in 1988. This episode from the animated series is the story from Issue 11. This August, the new live action show will begin on Amazon Prime. And cast members from the previous live action show (2011) will appear in it.

— These are all linked to the highest quality videos I could find, avoiding commercials as much as possible.

May 3, 2017

Believe it or not...

Robert Ripley, creator of Ripley's Believe it or Not, was a cartoonist.

I didn't know that until I watched Ripley: Believe It or Not last night on PBS. Believe It or Not was Ripley's newspaper column that featured his own drawings of the unusual people and places he'd encounter while traveling the world.

Chairman's note 5

This just in, 48 party goers will be in attendance on Saturday.

I'll be making cookies for the event. A whole lot of cookies.