Oct 8, 2018

Will Vinton

Sorry to hear that claymation animator Will Vinton died a few days ago. Will Vinton Studios made the California Raisins commercials in the 80s, full-length claymation film The Adventures of Mark Twain in 1985, and sitcom The PJs in the 90s.

Oct 3, 2018


Sep 30, 2018


Man, I love a good hobby.

I wrote way back in this post that my neighbors have a yard skeleton. It showed up one Halloween and never left. The outfit changes every month. This is the September Star Trek-themed skeleton.

I don't want to make a habit of photographing my neighbors yard, but they make it hard to resist. I had to get a shot of this one before it changes in October. It reminds me of my favorite line in Star Trek II.

"Who's been holding up the damn elevator?"

Sep 29, 2018

Puppets on tour

Joe Cashore, an extraordinary puppeteer and frequenter of Plastic Club figure drawing sessions is taking his marionettes on tour.

He'll be driving to Virginia next week in a van full of puppets and props. The tour will wind its way back to West Chester University, where he'll be on December 15.

Portrait with self-portrait

This is a recent photo by local photographer William Hoffmann, aka my dad. That's me sitting in his study next to the best oil painting I did in college. It's a self-portrait from a photo of me as a youth.

The faculty at Tyler School of Art encouraged students to paint huge with oils, and stretch and gesso our own canvasses. I stretched this one on two-by-fours. My parents have since rescued it from the garage and had it re-stretched and framed. So that's me today, next to a painting I did in college, of me as a kid.

The peacock feather on top is for the cat.

Sep 23, 2018

Flyer design

I'll be hosting this event at The Plastic Club on Saturday.

Sep 16, 2018

SPX 2018

I was in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday for the annual Small Press Expo. The last time I was there I was selling comics with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. That was many years ago, so I was glad to find fellow PCS members Chris Patchell and Melissa Lomax with a table, selling their wares, representing the home team.

SPX is an ideal place to find unique comics by independent creators. One of the highlights of my day was talking to Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau at Pow Pow Press about hand lettering versus computer lettering. I find computer lettering distracting unless it's done very carefully, whereas hand lettering by the artist matches the style of the art perfectly.

Pow Pow's French Canadian artists letter their graphic novels by hand in both the French and English versions. Pow Pow pays the artists for this extra effort and it's worth it. The lettering matches the art and I'd never guess they'd been translated from another language.

Silver Sprocket was there. Youneek studios was there. I met Evan Dahm, who does beautifully intricate drawings of landscapes and boats, Sophie Goldstein, who wrote sci-fi comic The OvenCam del Rosario who uses an elegant combination of consistent lines with flat colors, and discussed treating the entire book as a work of art with Beth Hetland, who's books stood out for their uniquely cut cover designs.