Apr 20, 2017

Voice acting interview

Here's a great audio interview with Phil LaMarr, the voice of Samurai Jack. He spends most of the interview talking about working as a cartoon voice actor for various shows.

Phil LaMarr was the hyperactive UPS guy on Mad TV back in the nineties.

I found out about the interview from Mark Evanier's blog. Evanier (pronounced like buccaneer) is a comics and animation writer and historian. I've been reading his blog for years. I even appeared on it once.

Apr 14, 2017

Goings on

Multiplicities: Selections from Hunted Line Studios [InLiquid]
If you know me, you might know some of the painters at Hunted Line Studios: Karl and Kim, Ed, Anders, Carla, and Miles.

Hunted Line are having a group show that spans three drinking establishments in Center City: Vintage Wine Bar, Last Drop, and Dirty Franks. Art is already on the walls at Vintage and Last Drop. The combined opening reception will be on Thursday evening, April 27.

Dead Reckoning [Thirteen/PBS]
Did you miss Bob Lee's documentary soundtrack when it aired on PBS? All three hour-long episodes can now be watched online. It's a grim subject with a lot of corpses in it, but I found it fascinating and Bob's soundtrack is very cool. Be quick; it will be taken down in ten days, on April 24.

The Art of Comics [Free Library of Philadelphia]
The main branch of the public library has gathered their oldest examples of comics art and put them on display. They've included an assortment of books on comics that you can borrow from the library. The display will be there until May 21.

Thanks to Bob Moore for bringing that last one to my attention.

Chairman's note 2

I'm currently recruiting entertainers for this year's Rabbit festival at The Plastic Club. Live musical acts, a poetry reading, and the annual play are already in place.

If you'd like to be added to the schedule, e-mail the name of your act to RabbitSignup@gmail.com, or just tell me in person.

The image above is a segment from my invitation design altered by Club President (and amazing architectural photographer) Rick Wright. Rick and I will be performing our improv. comedy schtick on the day.

This is a members-only fundraising event.

Apr 13, 2017

A title

Working on the opening for yet another animation idea. I was trying to think of something that might interest PBS.

My mother's experiences in the fashion industry leapt to mind, but that idea was starting to sound tedious and complicated. So I've switched to Plan B, which is more fun.

She likes to tell stories about growing up on the farm. I've recorded her telling her favorite story. This is the title. Why are so many cartoons about cats and birds?

Apr 6, 2017

Back to school

I've been looking into taking some courses in audio and video editing. I'm concerned that I'll spend a lot of time on an animated piece only to be told that the sound isn't of a professional quality.

Fortunately, there are local organizations that offer those courses at surprisingly low prices. Last Saturday, I took an afternoon course in video editing from WHYY PMC.

Last night, I attended an orientation at PhillyCAM so I can sign up for their audio editing course. We were treated to a fascinating history of public radio in the U.S. They have their own public access radio station that they just got running in 2016.

Apr 5, 2017

Piranha Club

My favorite comic strip is Piranha Club. It's the first thing I check when I get to work in the morning.

A few years ago, I contacted Bud Grace and bought a few of his original comic strips, now framed and hanging in my apartment.

B. Grace is as kind as his strip is crass. I know from following his blog that he used to volunteer at his local nursing home. He'd dress up in a leisure suit and sing to the residents.

He recently posted one of my all time favorite Piranha Club jokes. It's this one.

Information on purchasing an original Piranha Club strip is at the bottom of this page.

Apr 4, 2017

Animation, Angry Pete

Here's a short clip of new animation. I've been adjusting the colors. It's looking a little film noir right now.