Aug 13, 2020

The mask series

This new post on The Plastic Club website features all three of the mask tutorials from Creating Fashion with Laurel, plus a summary of the series to date.

The page is a great resource for anyone interested in making their own fabric face masks. Many thanks to Bob Lee for putting this together. The Plastic Club website has become a terrific gallery of works by club members.

The PhillyCAM channel is currently running Episode 2 on Wednesday mornings at 9:00. That's the one with the hand sewn masks and scarves. Episode 3, the one with the zipper, is due to them by the end of August.

It's nearly ready. For this one, Laurel and I had an editing meeting on zoom to discuss which bits should stay or go. The editing is done now and I'm working on the graphics.

Aug 6, 2020

Suddenly searchable

Friend and fellow artist, Diane Podolsky writes, "How do I follow your blog?" That's a good question. I'm not entirely sure if this blog has ever had a follow function. I went looking for a solution today, found it, and now there are following buttons in the sidebar. Thanks Diane!

I'd been under the impression that Blogger charged extra for their "gadget" options, but apparently not. And one of them is a search function! Years of adding keywords to posts has finally paid off!

Naturally, the first thing I searched for was "skeleton". All the yard skeleton photos popped up, so that's classy. Then I searched for the "Great animated shorts" posts and holy gods, I've written more of those than I thought.

Aug 5, 2020

Laurel Hoffmann interview

PhillyCAM reporter, Joseph Kane's interview with Laurel Hoffmann. Thanks Joe!
That's one of my paintings on the wall behind her.

Jul 26, 2020


Since Wednesday, Comic-Con International has been doing all of their panel discussions online and making them available for free. I've never been out to San Diego to see it, so this is a real treat.

There are so many panel discussion videos on their site, that I've put together this cheat sheet of the ones I'm interested in so I can watch them later. The ones marked (today) are happening this afternoon and will appear as they occur, live.

Jul 13, 2020

Mask III

A new Creating Fashion with Laurel video is online today. This is our third and final face mask tutorial. It's only two minutes long and our favorite of the three.

It's Laurel's quick and easy face mask solution using common household objects, with no sewing required. We're presenting it to the PhillyCAM channel as a public service announcement.

The next half-hour episode is currently in production.
The first episode has just passed 500 hits on YouTube.

Jul 12, 2020

Cool summer

My neighbor's yard skeleton is taking it easy. 

Jul 9, 2020

Vote for sheep

My dad, William Hoffmann is a photographer. This is one of three photos he recently submitted to the Heritage Conservancy's annual photo contest.

Multiple likes help to influence the judges. If you like this photo, please press its like button on Laurel Hoffmann's Facebook page, right here. His other two photos are on there for liking as well.