Aug 12, 2018


Here's the latest progress from the park. Notice how the squirrel and the kid function independently of each other. It will be clearer once I have more completed, that character segments will be repeating and overlapping in various ways, much like they do in Zbigniew RybczyƄski's Oscar-winning short, Tango (1981).

Working on this, I've also taken another look at the most impressive piece of rotoscoping ever, the Take on Me music video from 1985.

Aug 11, 2018


To prevent any confusion among our many followers:

I am the Andrew Hoffmann with two ns, the illustrator in Philadelphia


this is the Andrew Hoffman with one n, the illustrator in Denver, Colorado.

That is all.

(wow, he's really good)

Aug 3, 2018

O'Keeffe show

Yesterday, I went to the Georgia O'Keeffe: Visions of Hawaii show at the New York Botanical Garden. In 1939, the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (now Dole) commissioned O'Keeffe to produce paintings for their magazine ads and flew her to Hawaii.

The show features plants native to Hawaii, about fourteen of her paintings, plus a lot of her sketches and photos. My favorite painting in the show is the one at the top of this 2012 New York Times article about her trip. I'd never given much thought to where pineapples come from, but I know now.

[Photo of Hawaiian Pineapple Company advertisement featuring Georgia O'Keeffe's Heliconia Crab's Claw Ginger, 1939] in The Saturday Evening Post, 212, No. 42, April 13, 1940



Aug 1, 2018

Animated set design

Continuing my exploration of rotoscoping, here's my animated depiction of Washington Square. On Monday, I videoed 8 minutes of people and animals wandering about this scene. If you got caught in the video, fret not, I doubt you'll be recognizable in the final piece.

But first, the background. I suppose I could've done this with a filter. I actually "painted" over the photographic image with colors from the image. Animating the water in the fountain was tricky. This is actually my second attempt at getting it to look like water. This short clip will repeat continuously as characters walk through.

Patch update

Friend and fellow cartoonist, Chris Patchell has been teaching medical students the benefits of drawing graphic novels.

Patch's book, I put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures chronicles the time he spent as a patient at Jefferson Hospital, focusing on how he continued to draw on a daily basis. Now he's sharing what he learned from the experience with the students at Thomas Jefferson University's Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

One of his student's comics is the subject of this article at PhillyVoice.

Jul 31, 2018

Embarkation Blues

Friend and fellow Plastic clubber, Bob Lee composes music for documentaries. He recently completed a composition workshop with the PRISM Saxophone Quartet at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

In this video, the quartet performs compositions from the class. The first is Bob's Embarkation Blues, from the documentary Red Metal.