Jul 28, 2016

Working on the Website

In lieu of any new artwork to post, I've been fancying up the Website.

Now there's a Stage page for my public appearances.

I also made some changes to the Design & Illustration page and added some new paintings.

Jul 16, 2016

Fleisher, Degas

The Political Cartooning class is now complete. I was lucky enough to have a great audience of talented and enthusiastic Fleisher students. We all had a great time drawing politicians from photos and videos while discussing the art of political cartooning. It was a terrific experience and like many of my colleagues, I can now say I've taught a course at Fleisher. Woo!

Now I'm off to New York to see the Degas exhibit.

End of line.


Wednesday afternoon figure drawing at the Plastic Club.

Jul 4, 2016

Course update

Great news! I've been informed that the Political Cartooning course is definitely going to happen. Thanks to everyone who signed up, everyone who spread the word, and everyone who is enthusiastic about the concept. There is now another week to sign up before the first day of class on Tuesday the 12th!

Jul 1, 2016


Jun 29, 2016


These are pages from my 6 x 8" sketchbook. Most are the same person from various figure drawing sessions in June. I drew the horizontal one today. The guy in the shades was on a SEPTA train.

Jun 26, 2016

Today's political cartoon

At Fleisher's outdoor arts festival two weeks ago, this cartoon was sitting on my table, penciled, but not yet inked. Someone who introduced himself as a teacher of many years, made a point to say he loves this cartoon. Pre-approved by a teacher – sweet.