Jun 17, 2018

Free Jack

The Cartoon Network Adult Swim website has just posted every single episode of Samurai Jack. You can watch any of them for free.

Jun 16, 2018

Animafest Zagreb

Way back in this post, I wrote about local animator Paul Fierlinger and his impending trip to Croatia to receive a lifetime achievement award. That event happened last week at Animafest Zagreb.

This video summarizes Day 1 of the festival and he receives the award right at the halfway point. Photos of he and Sandra Fierlinger at the festival are scattered about the Animafest Zagreb Website, here and here and here.

If you don't know who the Fierlingers are, watch this: Teeny Little Super Guy.

Jun 15, 2018


Jun 10, 2018


Joe Cashore, a career puppeteer was at the club on Friday.

Jun 8, 2018

O'Keeffe show

There's an exhibition of O'Keeffe paintings at The New York Botanical Gardens.

Georgia O'Keeffe: Visions of Hawaii runs through October.

The background in my most recent paining was bright yellow because I'm so inspired by this photo. The way O'Keeffe uses colors, it's as if she's saying, 'look at this yellow. Isn't this a great yellow?'

New on the site

Eat Your Peas is now on the Animation page. That's the video collage I did for an editing class at PhillyCAM. It's at the bottom of the page.

The Stage page has some new photos of me performing on stages.

If anyone wants to network, I've just set up my new account on LinkedIn.

I'm also on YouTube and Facebook, but I spend very little time there.
This art blog is my main site.

Jun 2, 2018

New painting

Yesterday evening I stopped by the figure drawing workshop at the club. The monitor on Fridays is Jesse Vandenburgh. Jesse has the room vote for a pose to be held for an hour and this was our elected pose. This painting took me the hour, plus a little extra time to get the details just right. [click image to enlarge]