Jun 21, 2019

Two cartoonists

A couple weeks ago, Piranha Club cartoonist Bud Grace paid a visit to For Better or For Worse cartoonist Lynn Johnston. When Lynn played the squeeze box in a duet with her beau Paul, Bud caught it on video.

Here's another highlight from Bud Grace's blog – the photo of the time he got caught with Gary Larson's cow.

The Cashore Marionettes

This Sunday at The Plastic Club, professional puppeteer, Joseph Cashore will be talking about how he designs and sculpts his characters, then brings them to life.

Cashore has performed all over the country for colleges and in little theaters. He says big theaters are no good because the people in the back are too far away to see his performance.

I'll be there to help him with the club stereo system. It's a free tutorial that starts at 2:00 and includes a sample of his act.

Jun 17, 2019


The first two minutes of my Big Mess video short. The opening text is in there now. When it's done, it'll be around six minutes. Ten, tops.

Jun 13, 2019


Jun 8, 2019

Troc transition

From City Hall to Troc interior. Or: where I was during my lunch break, yesterday.

Jun 5, 2019

Big Mess photos

Anders Hansen has shared a link to David Dzubinski's 104 Big Mess Cabaret photos on Facebook, most from the last rehearsal on Friday. Several show the Trocadero backstage and what the main stage looks like with the lights on. Anders is the flute player in the orchestra.

Jun 4, 2019

Another charity post

Tomorrow is Walk the World. I'll be walking around Old City to raise money for the homeless. So far I've raised around $40. Every little bit helps.

If you'd like to contribute, this is my donation page for the event. It all goes to Project HOME, a local organization that helps the homeless in Philadelphia.

The final performance at the Trocadero was on Saturday night. I was there with my camera, nabbing random video clips of the Big Mess Cabaret, like this fertility dance:

As with the Rabbit video, I'll put all the pieces together, rearrange them, and see if I can turn them into something.