May 28, 2016

Sketches from Columbus

The University of Columbus covers a wide area of a few miles and is heavily populated with students. I stopped in at a hip coffee house/book store/record store and sketched some of the locals. Except that guy with the sunglasses and headphones. He was at the airport. He didn't like me sketching him, so I only have his head. [click to enlarge]

May 27, 2016

Trump doodles (troodles?)

I'm back

I'm back in Philly after spending two days at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library in Columbus, Ohio. Five hours on Tuesday and another five on Wednesday staring at original comic art by my favorite cartoonists.

The librarians, and assistant curator, Susan Liberator, are great hosts and pulled piles of work from the archives for me to look at. Then they hauled out this gigantic thank you note that Popeye creator, Elzie Segar painted on canvas with a big brush. WOW. I had a great time. Every cartoonist should add this destination to their must-see list.

May 17, 2016

Cartoon pilgrimage

Next week I'll be vacationing at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library at Ohio State University.

Their vast collection of original cartoon art includes works by Kliban, MacNelly, Segar, Nast, Crumb, Watterson, Hirschfeld, and on and on and on...

Just to see original Gertie the Dinosaur drawings by Winsor McCay will be worth the trip. I'll be spending my vacation sitting at a desk, but it must be done.

May 11, 2016

Fan letter

This is very cool. Comics writer and historian, Mark Evanier has responded to my question regarding one of my favorite cartoonists, B. Kliban. Here it is on his blog. Evanier's blog is terrific. I start my day with it.

May 10, 2016

Back to school

Here's the link to the course I'll be teaching at Fleischer in July:
The Art of Political Cartoons

Apr 3, 2016

URL news is down and might stay down. For the past few years it's just been a cover page that links to this blog. Hence forth will be the URL on my business cards. Apologies for any resulting inconvenience.