Sep 24, 2017


I'm back from the Baltimore convention. I got to meet and talk to some of my favorite creators, Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Mark Evanier (News from ME blog), Neal Adams (the amazing Batman illustrator), and shake hands with Skottie Young whose series, I Hate Fairyland, is absolutely hysterical.

I caught up with Philly friends, cartoonists Jamar Nicholas, Scott Derby, and Dave Perillo. I also met artists Cheri Pi, who does anime bubblegum art, and oil painter Laura Charles. The attendance was lower on Friday, which made meeting and talking with the artists much easier.

On Saturday, the number of costumed characters tripled. There was a lot of posing for photos going on, but the real Kodac moments were more casual. Anime characters waiting in line for food. Batgirl resting in the lounge after a busy day. I noticed a lot of blind people attending the convention, before I realized (duh) they were all Daredevil (in Matt Murdock mode).

The funniest thing I saw was an 8-year old Snow White hopping up and down with joy to meet Deadpool. The guy looked and acted the part well enough to have stepped right out of the movie. He was hamming it up for Snow White, who was highly entertained. Her mother was quick to photograph this unlikely duo.

It was my first time at this convention and there's a big difference from the one in Philadelphia. Baltimore benefits greatly from a lack of movie stars. At Philly Wizard World, the rowdy mob on the other side of the room is the line to see William Shatner (or whoever). It does get crowded at the Baltimore convention, but it's a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sep 21, 2017

Sketchbook (best of)

The Sketchbook drawings I've posted here over the past year or so have been gradually sinking into the mire of old posts. I've just dredged up the best of them, so now you can see them all in one place, the new Drawings page.

Sep 17, 2017

Great animated shorts

Two from Sesame Street:

The Bridgekeeper [3 segments] (Gahan Wilson, 1986/1989, 5 min)
To cross a bridge, wanderers must first heed the shape-obsessed bridgekeeper. Gahan Wilson is also known for his writings and grim cartoons that have appeared in magazines such as National Lampoon. He has some posted on his Website.

The Alligator King (Bud Luckey, 1971, 2 min)
The king asks each of his seven sons to brighten his day. Bud Luckey animated several musical shorts for Sesame Street that teach kids how to count. These days he works for Pixar, where he wrote and voiced the short Boundin'.

Sep 14, 2017

Animation, Chef 4

Progress is being made. This is still the first half, introducing the idea. The second half is all action.

Sep 13, 2017


This is a collage I made from pieces of dud paintings. I tend to accumulate works that don't quite cut the mustard. I had a stack of them on Sunday that I tore into strips so they'd be easier to haul to the dumpster.

Some of the pieces lying on the floor looked better than the whole paintings they came from. So I rescued these highlights from the reject pile. If only the rest of the painting looked as good. [click photo to enlarge]

Sep 9, 2017

Field trip

I just set up my excursion to the Baltimore Comic Con at the end of the month. It's my first time visiting this convention. Some of my idols from the West Coast will be flying in, so it's a rare opportunity to meet them in person.

Years ago, I'd pay for a table and spend the weekend selling my wares. Instead, I'll be stopping by tables of friends who sell there every year, like fellow Philly Cartoonist Jamar Nicholas.

Jamar will be selling copies of his new book, LEON: Protector of the Playground, the first item on my shopping list, soon to be available at Jamar's online store.

Sep 7, 2017

Color test

Trying different color schemes for the Telekinetic Chef. This is the best I've come up with so far.