Terror Train
The second shot in Terror Train, the one of the passenger’s rotating head, was only meant to be a quick figure drawing study. With an animation festival rapidly approaching, I asked myself where the character was and who was he looking at. Terror Train grew from there, written shot-by-shot, in order, from start to finish.

It's set on a train because I knew I could get train sounds. All of the crowd and train noises were recorded in and around the SEPTA trains I ride on my commute to work. Terror Train premiered at the Philadelphia Independents Animation Screening on February 24, 2018.

Drawing the Figure
Prior to this one-minute short, my characters only spoke with the aid of hand-lettered text. I wondered, if they could actually speak, what would they say? This is the answer. Drawing the Figure premiered at the Philadelphia Independents Animation Screening on March 4, 2017.

Seventeen Drawings of Tamiera
This is more of a conceptual piece than a cartoon. It premiered at The Plastic Club "Out of the Box" show on February 5, 2017 where it won 3rd Place.

Hanging in an art gallery on a flat screen TV, at first the video blends in with the neighboring art on the walls by remaining motionless. It gradually becomes clear to viewers that every twenty seconds the figure changes her pose like a model at a figure drawing session. This is the shorter Web version that holds each pose for eight seconds. Playing on a loop, the full version repeats every six minutes.

The title is a joke. It took closer to one hundred seventy drawings to complete. The seventeen poses were drawn directly into animation software TVPaint on a laptop during a figure drawing session at Hunted Line Studios with life model, Tamiera.
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