May 13, 2017

Goings on

The PhillyCAM course I'm enrolled in, Audio Production, started last week. Now that my chairman duties are complete, my focus is returning to animation. I have some ideas mapped out, but I want to make sure I get the sound right first. In the meantime, here's more text...

• Alice Meyer-Wallace talks about Paros Island in Cyclades [video on Vimeo, 3 min]
This week, painting mentor and great friend to myself and many artists, Alice Meyer-Wallace will depart her Winter home of Philadelphia for her annual European excursions. I've joined her on four of these trips, twice to Paros Island, once to Italy, and once to Spain. This video captures what it's like to paint with Alice on Paros.

• Spruce Street Harbor Park
The Harbor Park opened for the season yesterday. I wandered through in the evening to see the hammocks. During the Summer months, I go there to practice juggling on my lunch breaks. Just waiting until it gets a little warmer out.