May 5, 2017

Great animated shorts

Took the day off from work. Wanna watch some cartoons?

3 Over-the-top cartoons

The Missing Scarf (Eoin Duffy, 2013, 7 min)
I first saw this cartoon by animator Eoin Duffy at the Ritz as part of the Oscar Nominated Short Films show two years ago. It was in the honorable mention category, but was clearly the best one. Advertisers know which are the best ones. Have you seen these new ads for Voya Financial?

Stimpy's Invention (John Krickfalusi and Bob Camp, 1992, 14 min)
Smart cartoons that appeal to grown-ups as well as kids are common today on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. That's largely due to Krickfalusi's influence. He was one of the animators leading the charge in the 80s and 90s to set a higher standard for cartoons on TV. [this one has an advert]

The Tick vs. The Tick (Ben Edlund, 1994, 21 min)
Superhero parody The Tick was initially a 12-issue comic book series written and drawn by Ben Edlund in 1988. This episode from the animated series is the story from Issue 11. This August, the new live action show will begin on Amazon Prime. And cast members from the previous live action show (2011) will appear in it.

— These are all linked to the highest quality videos I could find, avoiding commercials as much as possible.