Jan 13, 2018

Copyrighted music

Musician, audio wizard, and friend Bob Lee has written to say the missing pieces of audio in the uploaded Never-Ending Man are segments of music removed due to copyright laws. I thought that glitch seemed oddly intentional.

Meanwhile in New York, animator Nina Paley is working on her next movie, Seder-Masochism. After failing to get permission to use copyrighted music in her previous film, she released Sita Sings the Blues to the public, free of any copyright. Anyone who wants to watch it can do so right now for free.

For Seder-Masochism, Paley is ignoring music copyright entirely. When she has a vision for a song, she goes ahead and animates it without seeking permission. In this TED Talk from 2015, she explains why and shows the result. She's written a 2017 update on her progress here.