Jan 13, 2018


Wayne, NJ
This past Sunday I drove to Wayne, New Jersey to see their monthly toy and collectibles show. I try to get to a toy convention once or twice a year. New Jersey has a lot of them. I don't even collect like I used to. The past couple of years, I've gone mainly for the atmosphere.

Among the funniest things I've seen at these conventions include the woman so thrilled to find an old Strawberry Shortcake doll that she ran up to her husband, held it up to his face and began rapidly squeezing it to blow scented air at him, exclaiming, "it still smells!" squeezy squeezy squeezy. Another, was a guy with a massive box of those little green plastic soldiers, selling them by the pound with a big scoop.

Thank goodness for hobbies. The skinny person at left has been present on my neighbor's lawn for years. I believe it was initially intended as Halloween decoration and never left. The outfit changes every month. This month it's wearing a sweater. Last month it was dressed as Robin Hood. Over the summer it was wearing water wings and diving into an inflatable kiddie pool. I'm pretty sure at one point it was dressed as a cheerleader.

It's so great that people do things like this. It's reassuring. With all the horror on the news, wouldn't be refreshing to hear [pick your least favorite aggressors] have suddenly discovered they prefer collecting stamps?
Neighbor's yard